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Departments: Design & Technology

What is Design & Technology?
Design and Technology prepares you to participate in tomorrow's rapidly changing world. You learn to think and intervene creatively to improve quality of life. Here at Finham Park School we teach students the design process and the skills they need to turn their designs into products, allowing students to give practical solutions to real problems and continually relating tasks back to real-life. Design and Technology teaches students how to be autonomous learners, taking responsibility for planning and organising their own work, and evaluating in a reflective and critical manner. Students also learn to adapt to working practically both individually and co-operatively. We know that the majority of our students very much enjoy the practical nature of our subject and gain the satisfaction from the successful completion of a practical project.

Within the department have 6 specialist technology rooms. 2 Food Technology rooms (H12 and H13) and 4 Product Design rooms (K12, K13, K14 and K15). K14 and K15 are fully equipped with computers for student use. As well as the traditional machinery we have are also fortunate enough to have 2 3D printers and a laser cutter. These machines enable students to build quality prototypes from their designs.

Key Stage 3 students are taught in group sets of approximately 20 and we teach a modular system.

Key Stage 3 students are taught in group sets of approximately 20 and we teach a modular system. In Years 7 and 8 students experience all areas of Design and Technology by completing a carousel within the department, experiencing a different specialism each term. Each year group will complete 3 modules each year. Planning for teaching and learning at Key Stage Three is informed by the National Curriculum to provide challenging experiences that offer sequential learning opportunities. Areas covered within Design and Technology are:

Food Technology
Textile Products
Resistant Materials
Graphic Products
Electronic Products

In Year 9 students will select their options. In Design and Technology we offer the following subjects from them to choose from:

AQA GCSE Product Design
WJEC GCSE Catering
BTEC Engineering 1st Award
AQA GCSE Home Economics: Child Development

Subject leader: Mrs Conway
Mrs Morley-Smith
Mrs Finn
Mrs Sinclair
Mr Elliott
Food/Textiles Technician: Michelle Checklin
D&T Technician: Peter Rivett and John Bates